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Viva la Différence!

Publics Groupe believes that the success of the business stems from its employees. With more than 98 000 employees worldwide, everyone’s abilities and character traits are distinctive. Our motto, “Viva la Différence,” celebrates diversity of ability and viewpoint.

Learn more about Publicis Groupe’s commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Social Justice

Creating Solutions with a Borderless Mindset

Publicis Re:Sources is one of Publics Groupe’s largest international companies with over 5,000 people. We don’t have silos or geographical boundaries separating us. We bring individuals together to develop amazing business and technology solutions.

Find the work meaningful

Believe their well-being is essential to the company

Understand what is expected of them

Received training through the Publicis Learning Platform